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The NewParadigm

The World’s First DAG infused Blockchain

Executive Summary Technical Paper

Key Aspects

A Hybrid Architecture

Security of Blockchain & Scalability of DAG

  • Expanding Scalability

    A new level of scalability for smart contract execution and transactions per second enabled by the DAG

  • Instant Confirmation

    Instantly confirmed transactions for faster and more efficient applications

  • Robust Security

    Combined with the Matrix Chain, The PoCB ensures economic finality resulting in higher security from double spending and Sybil attacks

Core Technology

  • DAG

    The topological ordering of the DAG allows participant nodes to process transactions concurrently at arbitrarily high rates without the global knowledge of the system. It provides instant confirmation and a further expansion of scalability limits.


    The Coin Object is an asset-based UTXO in which unlike traditional blockchains, transactions are stored as a history of previous owners in the asset.


    The State Matrix (StM) is a snapshot of the transactions in the DAG that aggregates account, asset and transaction history of a specific period. It allows the DAG to be non-continuous and provide a global view of the network while supporting smart contracts.

  • Matrix Chain

    The Matrix Chain (MC) is a canonical chain with permanently attached State Matrices. It is the main layer of the LNX platform and complements the DAG structure by providing higher security through an overlay mechanism and network irreversibility.

Proof of Checks and Balances (PoCB) PoCB

Validators Miners Time Period

In the Proof of Checks and Balances, two parties known as Miners and Validators govern its consensus. Miners are responsible for aggregating and minting confirmed transactions in the DAG which in turn is validated by Validators through a token staking system. The whole process takes place in different State Matrices height providing a counterbalance of power between different nodes, roles and time periods, and ensuring a higher level of equality among all participants.

LNX Platform

  • Tokenization

    Increased usability with
    real-world assets tokenization

  • Smart Contracts

    Smart contract creation
    provided by a hybrid UTXO
    and account model

  • Micropayments

    Micropayments with
    comparatively low fees

  • DAG Modularity

    Implementation of LNX's
    DAG and StM into pre-
    existing blockchains